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Tapio Lindholm (email)

Suppasuon kasviyhdyskuntien perustuotanto-ominaisuudet

Lindholm T. Suppasuon kasviyhdyskuntien perustuotanto-ominaisuudet.

English title: Patterns of primary production of plant communities in a small kettle hole mire


The vegetation of a small kettle hole mire, which is situated near Lammi biological station in southern Finland and which has many different habitats, was mapped and a habitat map was constructed. The bio-mass and production of the vegetation in 13 different habitats was analyzed and measured. Moreover, some environmental parametres as fluctuation of ground water table was monitored. The vegetation of the mire consist of open and wooded habitats. The nutritional variation has eutrophic and ombrotrophic ends. There are also some special features due to the flooding and percolating water. An eutrophic habitat is VL. Mesotrophic habitats are TuSN, LuSN, RhNR, LuRhK. Oligotrophic habitats are SN, NR, KR, NK, KgK, Clear tendency to ombrotrophy have LkN and TR. Of these SN (almost), TuSN, LuSN, RhSN, VL and LkN are treeless habitats. The dry weight distribution from tree layer to ground layer mosses from all 13 habitats is presented. The material from field and ground layer was also grouped so that it illustrated the life form spectrum, trophic spectrum and spectrum of mire ecological factors, which can be seen in the dry weight relationship of the flora in different habitats. The greatest plant dry weight was found from dry and moderately fertile habitats. Ombrotrophy limits the production, but it does not prevent trees from growing. Wet habitats are treeless, but a moderately fertile substrate increases production. The eutrophic habitat was not the most productive one.

  • Lindholm, Sähköposti ei.tietoa@nn.oo (sähköposti)

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