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Brendan C. O'Kelly (email)

Turpeen ja muiden orgaanisten maiden painumisen mittaaminen uudella mittaustekniikalla

O'Kelly B. C. Turpeen ja muiden orgaanisten maiden painumisen mittaaminen uudella mittaustekniikalla.

English title: Development of a large consolidometer apparatus for testing peat and other highly organic soils


Bogs are dynamic eco-hydrological systems. Relatively small and localised increases in effective stress, either due to an applied load or a reduction in the natural phreatic level, can cause significant long-term settlements, and hence reductions in the hydraulic conductivity, that can have widespread impacts on the bog morphology and hydrology. This paper presents the development of a large consolidometer apparatus, which incorporates a lubricated, floating-ring confining cell, in order to accurately measure both the settlement response and hydraulic characteristics of organic soils under increasing effective stress. Maintained-load compression tests are carried out on first-class quality, undisturbed test-specimens (152 mm in diameter and up to 300 mm in length; i.e. mini-structural scale), along with intermittent and direct measurement of the hydraulic characteristics under constant-head low Reynolds Number flow conditions. Proving tests were conducted using floating- and fixed-ring setups in the new consolidometer and these test data are evaluated against the results of conventional oedometer tests.

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